The Eiffel Tower seen like never before


17 Dec The Eiffel Tower seen like never before

Thomas Yang, a Singapore-based artist who has been creating unique artwork since his first doodles at the tender age of three, has produced a totally exceptional new range of work using, of all things, bicycle tyres! Through the careful and strategic positioning of the tyres on the canvas, he has reproduced marvelously such iconic structures as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building.

Yang, being  a cycling enthusiast himself, created four different prints. “The Cyclist’s Empire” with the Empire State Building, “God Save the Bike” featuring London’s Tower Bridge, “Bicycle Mon Amour” inspired by the cycling culture of Paris and proudly displaying the Eiffel Tower and “The Unforbidden Cyclist” in the Forbidden City of China. This is of course a limited edition collection with only 100 printed copies of each one produced.

bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 14

As he eloquently says on one of his creative windows to the world,, “Ride down the breezy boulevards of Paris and you’ll see why it’s easy to fall in love with its cycling culture. The Eiffel Tower was re-created using 12 unique tyre tracks, as a tribute to a romance that goes far, far beyond the Tour de France…”

bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 2 bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 11 bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 9

Thomas is known for believing that strategic thinking precedes the craft. He suggests that the mark of any great artist, or art director as he has become, is flexibility – to have a clear design sense that is totally unrestricted by any particular style. He has clearly demonstrated with this project that thinking and creating outside the box go hand in hand. We love it!

bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 3 bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 8 bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 5

bicycle-tire-tracks-paintings 6

Visit to see his other works.

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