Who better to speak about it than our customers?

David, Johanne & Sasha from Miami

What a change from the traditional tour buses! We decided to take this tour at the last minute before leaving Paris and we’re sort of sorry we didn’t do it at the start of our trip ‘cos we see Paris in such a different way now. We always knew that Paris held many secrets and was full of history, but this tour gave us so much more info we didn’t know. And it was a cool way to spend an afternoon between travelling buddies. And thanks to Sandrine? for being such a friendly and funny host!


Marietta from New York City

Thanks guys, that was a great tour! A very novel concept I have to say that did not disappoint me. I was especially impressed with the atmosphere on the bus – friendly and light-hearted. I hated history in school but each time I visit Paris, I’m more and more curious about its past. I’m so grateful a friend told me about History Bus – I finally got to learn about this beautiful city in a fun and quite spectacular way!

Juan from Mexico City

I am so glad we decided to book a tour on the History Bus! The videos were full of interesting facts and visiting Paris on such a comfortable bus was really enjoyable. The guide had a few surprises for us too that really made the whole experience so much fun. I would highly recommend History Bus to anyone who wants to learn about the history of Paris and its monuments but not in the usual way.


Frantz from Berlin

I’ve been on sightseeing tours before and even on one of the traditional tourist buses that goes around Paris but they are nothing like this. You’ve got such a novel approach. It’s history but it’s modern. The projector screens, the comfortable seats and the cool staff. The activities are fun too, I wasn’t expecting that! I must say it was a very enjoyable tour overall!